It all began back in the late 1800’s when the Walker-Sims Plow Company operated and manufactured plows in the buildings that are on the current site. In 1902, Clyde Lanier King and two partners bought the company and renamed it the Atlanta Agricultural Works, and then changed it to the Atlanta Plow Company. The company underwent yet another name change, to the King Plow Company, where it operated under this entity until the factory closed in 1986.

The King Plow Company would be transformed from an antiquated plow factory into an arts community and center for commercial, performing and visual arts. In 1990, the owners put together a team to redevelop the factory into a mixed use arts facility that would allow for the preservation of the historic and architectural significance of the buildings, while providing affordable studios for artists and other creative businesses and individuals. This was the beginning of the King Plow Center.

Today, more than 100 tenants and condominium owners have gathered here. Beyond the businesses, King Plow also consists of commercial artist space, art galleries, areas designed for performing arts, restaurants and Terminal West concert venue.

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